With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to apply your Fitness outside of your big, sweaty box.

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Spring is in full effect; we are starting to get in the 70s, and that only means the summer is coming as well. With that we have plenty more events, parties, and options outside. You have been working very hard on your fitness all year long, and now that it’s summer, it is the perfect time to explore the new you through outdoor, physical activities. So don’t sweat it when you have a party or event and can’t it make to the gym, let this be your chance to apply your fitness.


Here are some great things you can do to apply your fitness:


  1. With family this year, don’t just sit with the adults and talk, get up and run around and play with the younger kids at the party. Get out there and play, play tag, hide and seek, build a fort, whatever. Just use that body for more than just counting your reps.
  2. Join a softball or sport league. Go out there, relieve your glory days, Uncle Rico, and if you weren’t a previous athlete you are definitely more developed that you once were; so there’s no excuse to go mix it up.
  3. Go to the beach. Play some volleyball, crawl around in the sand, jump in the lake and swim. Just explore what your body is capable of.


These are just a few options; there is no right or wrong here. The rationale here is to implement the functionality you have crafted. Smile and enjoy the experiences of the warm weather because soon I will have to close the garage door and turn the heat on.


Enjoy this beautiful weather!


#Create Excellence

Angelo Sisco