Why Skipping Breakfast is Hindering your Weight Loss…

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So before I get yelled at by the world wide web,

Can you only eat 1-3 meals per day and lose fat? Yes, of course you can.

Can you eat 4-8 meals a day and lose fat?  Definitely.


BUT, most people just don’t deal well with hunger and restriction.  Typically, the big issues with people’s diet adherence is hunger and/or getting in the right amount of food.  Going a long time without food simply does not work for many people because:


  1. People cannot control cravings (I mean…chocolate).
  2. People are unable to experience hunger without obsessing over it (because well, it’s hard – you’re hangry).
  3. People typically overeat when they do finally get food after being hungry for a long time period (and that overeating ain’t of chicken and broccoli).


So how do we help stick to our diets?  That’s right, eat more frequently!


If you struggle with going long periods without food – then don’t!   Eating before you are super hungry, AKA every couple of hours, can keep you from reaching into that box of donuts at the work party, or over-eating at a meal because you haven’t eaten in 5 hours.  So instead of trying to fit all of your calories into a few meals, spread them out throughout the day and I bet you’d be able to get the necessary calories a LOT easier, and you won’t be constantly obsessing over your next meal.


I have no shame in the fact that I eat 7-9 times a day.  They are all small meals, but they keep me from ever feeling super hungry or light-headed, they keep me from getting hangry and moody, and it keeps me from binging when I do eat.


So don’t think that your day has to be Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and that’s it to lose weight.  Maybe eating Meal #1-7 is a better approach that will keep you from becoming insatiable next time you’re in your kitchen.


-Coach Becca