Staying motivated long term in any area is not easy, let alone fitness. This is particularly true at the beginning of your journey.   
There are three areas to find motivation: Extrinsic (outside of you), Intrinsic (inside of you), and Prosocial (benefiting of others).
Prosocial is the type of motivation that has the most long-term effects. It is human nature to want to help and/ or do things for others. 
The benefits of your fitness can impact the lives of many others.  We may look at fitness as an individualized journey; however, it affects many others.
Here is a list of how your fitness may benefit others – 
1.  Your Partner – 
  • Feeling Confident about yourself does wonders for your relationship 
  • Keeping that body in check is never a bad way to keep your Partner happy.
  • Setting an example for them on how to live a healthy lifestyle
2.  Your Children – 
  • You are their first teacher & coach. What you do, they will learn.
  • Mothers empowering their daughters to be strong and confident through fitness. Helping them see past any social judgements that may come their way.
  • Fathers & Mothers showing their children how to make time for themselves to keep their cup full in order to serve them and others better.
3. Your Community- 
  • Doing workouts next to someone and setting an example is quite motivating.  You holding the standard makes others want to strive for the same.  Believe it or not you have a lot of power. Use it for goodness. 
4.  Charity –
  • Doing workouts to benefit others. Sacrificing for others is a great way to keep moving and pushing hard. 
5. Your Coach – 
  • Coaches dedicate their lives just to make you better.  Being a great student, that gives his or her best, pays attention, and helps others is how you show your coach you are grateful for their hard-work.
Don’t wait until your next “motivation slump” to start thinking about this.  Start writing down who you love, what you care about, and connect how excelling and staying dedicated to your fitness program helps them. 
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