When Did Being “Content” Become the Norm?

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America as a whole, and so many of us, got to where we are because of nothing but HARD work.  Not because of being exceptional at anything in particular, but simply because we wanted something and we went and got it.

Whether it was a job, whether it was our “goal body”, or whether it was our high school or college degree.  We were relentless in our pursuit.


It seems that a recent trend has arose though where being content, taking the “easy” route, or avoiding discomfort or grueling work is now common.  We don’t want things to be hard.  We shy away from challenges.  We are afraid to fail.


The problem with this is that if we avoid failure, we avoid our potential.  We avoid the things we truly want.  We avoid happiness and we settle for a false happiness.


So starting today (on a Monday, a new week, a new month), try embracing failure.  We learn in the midst of failure; we learn what our true limits are.  No more of ‘that workout was hard, but I could have gone heavier’, or ‘I don’t want to try that, I don’t think I can do it’.  Stop being so content with ‘sort of hard’ and get excited to start trying new things.


Seek Failure.  Embrace Failure.  Surpass Failure.

It’s what makes us human.


-Coach Becca