What it means to be 30+ CrossFitter

I’ve recently hit my 35th birthday, along with my 10 year anniversary of CrossFit.


What an amazing journey this has been.


I’ve learned many things along the way and one of them is your body is much different at 27 than 35 :).


All kidding aside my outlook on training and how I train has evolved.


Here are the Top 5 things that I’ve learned


  1. In your 30s and on you have to really warm up.  In my 20’s I was a lion always ready to pounce. Nowadays I need a good 15 minutes to prep my body for a training session.

  2. Strength sessions are no longer about always going hard.  I choose weights based off how my body feels, not my ego.

  3. I shifted from high and better numbers to quality.  I used to do anything to get a better time or score.  Nowadays I find pleasure in moving better.

  4. Training is about exploration and pushing my body in my 30s. It’s not about going to the “dark place” everyday, or training til I puke.  It’s about loving this body I have.

  5. Recovery is key.  I need my sleep, proper nutrition, extra mobility, and even a massage to keep this temple feeling good.  In my 20’s none of those were necessary.


I look at training in your 30’s+ as a marriage versus in your 20’s, it’s a one night stand.


Take your time.  


Do things with care.


Do things with Intent.


And your body will love you back.


If you forget the date nights, love notes, and caressing, your body will fight back at you much like in a relationship.


Coach Ang  


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