What are Your Goals?

What are your goals? Let’s set some goals! There is a lot of talk about goals and how to achieve them – especially by us, your friendly coaches at OCF. But there are a lot of us out there that really think that we know what we want. We may have a goal that we are attacking in private because as my mom would say “big talkers little doers” and a lot of us have that mind set. I do as well, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I get one of those goals done. But do you want to know what happens most of the time with those goals? They do not happen because we have no one to hold us accountable to them.

As people, we can get a bit shy or embarrassed when it comes to our goals. When I first started Crossfit I had a secret goal of being able to snatch 55lbs. That would mean actual weight over my head, 10 pound plates plus the barbell. I really wanted to lift that, but it was actually easier for me to just tell people that I hated snatching and avoided the workout days where performance worked on the snatch. I was acting tough and didn’t want people to know that I was insecure about it. In my heart deep down though I wanted to get better and how was that supposed to happen when I wasn’t being vocal about it and putting in the work. I did this for a whole year, pretended to be dismayed with snatching and then avoidance of actually working on it. It was a sad time because I wasn’t being true to myself.

When I could no longer avoid the inevitable I knew If I wanted to get better I needed to make myself vulnerable and make this a goal where I was accountable to someone. My first step was to stop avoiding snatch days. Then I told my coach what my goals were and guess what? Now I had to work on it. I had to suck and be bad in front of people and fail, a lot. Then little by little it got better. A few months went by and I  had the strength to make the 55lb snatch and I was super happy. Plus, I felt accomplished and not ashamed at myself. My coach didn’t necessarily care that I reached my goal because goals are endless, but he cared that I worked on my goal every day.

So what are your goals? Are you doing what you can to reach them? Are they secret goals like I had? Don’t live in fear without trying to achieve what you want. Whether it’s weight loss, more muscle, double-unders, or even reading a book a month. Whatever you goals are make sure you have an accountability coach, and this can be anyone. This ensures that not only you are doing what you want but that you are successfully progressing with the things that you want. All goals are not created equal and some may take a long time and some might not, just don’t shortchange yourself.


Ready to set and achieve your own goals? We can help!

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