Wednesday July 24th, 2019

O’Hare CrossFit – CrossFit

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Movement Prep

A.: Metcon (No Measure)

Deadlift Prep

Two Sets

X Band March x 30 seconds

Single Leg RDL w/ Barbell x 5/leg

Bottoms up Kettlebell Press x 5-6/arm


Deadlift w/ Empty Barbell x 10s up 10s down – Start in Bottom Position

Movement Prep

B.: Metcon (Weight)

Four Sets

Deadlift Cluster x 2.2.2 rest 10s btw clusters **Keep at 80% RPE today**

Rest 30 seconds

Strict Handstand Pushup x 3-5 reps

Rest 90 seconds


Most Challenging Progression – Add Deficit if Necessary**


C.: Metcon (Distance)

Teams of Three, Break up as you fit to Complete as much distance as possible in 18 minutes

500m Sandbag Carry

**Team all Walks together, break up as you see fit, Sandbag must be in Bearhug Hold, If Sandbag hits the ground all Athletes Must perform 5 Burpees as a penalty**


D.: Metcon (No Measure)


Calf Raise – Accumulate 75 reps per leg

Banded Hamstring Stretch x 90s/leg

30s Straight leg

30s Across

30s Lateral

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