Wednesday 10.11.17

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A.  Two Sets:
Support on Rings x Max Effort
Scap Pullup + Pull to 90 degrees (1+1) x 4-6 reps
Single Leg Wall Squat x Max Effort **Leg Fully extended during hold**
Rest 2 minutes btw sets
**If you cannot PR on Time or Reps, focus on PRing on Technique**
B. “IWT”
4 Hang Dumbbell Power Cleans 50/35#
8 Dumbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges alternating Legs
2 minute Row (Increase speed every 30 seconds)
rest 2 minutes x 3 sets
– rest 4 minutes –
8 TnG Deadlifts (50-60% here, Perfect form)
15 seconds Max Lateral Hops over bar
300-500 Meter Run (90 seconds of pure aerobic effort here)
rest 2 minutes x 3 sets