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In “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”, Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, stated “regularly learn and play new sports”.  In my opinion, it is the most undervalued piece of the puzzle when it comes to fitness.

   The reason I believe this is because to me it seems like most of the general population get caught up into CrossFit and getting so good at it that we forget why Glassman came up with it.  Glassman did not come up with CrossFit to create this huge competition to watch freak athletes lift hundreds of pounds or row a marathon. CrossFit was introduced to make the general population fitter so they could live long, healthy lives.  

   The statement “regularly learn and play new sports” refers to us being active outside of the gym.  We go to the gym to be active and healthy. From there, we have the wonderful opportunity to spend some time outside the gym doing something active.  For a second, I want you to take a second and think about why you come to the gym. Is it to compete in CrossFit? If it is, then that’s fantastic. Or maybe is it to be active now and into the later years of your life?  I would take a guess that most of us fall into the second category. For me personally, I don’t have the desire to compete in CrossFit. However, I do have the desire to be active when I’m old and to be able to play with my kids and grandkids down the road.

   I encourage everyone to go outside and use your fitness.  We love having you at the gym, but that’s not the only way to be fit.  Being fit can be you trying a new sport or activity like softball or kickboxing.  It could be taking a long hike or bike ride every Sunday. It could just be you going to the park to play with your kids or grandkids.  Or maybe you and some friends go to the beach and play some volleyball. And if volleyball isn’t your thing, then maybe its just a walk or a run by the beach because who doesn’t love the beach.  All I’m saying is that I want all of you to realize that we do CrossFit not to do CrossFit. We do CrossFit to be active outside of the gym. We do CrossFit to play with our family. We do CrossFit to be active and functional when we’re old.  The list goes on and on so get outside and “regularly learn and play new sports”.

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