Time Under Tension

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Crossfit is a victim of its own success: Its existence simultaneously credits and discredits itself as an exercise methodology.  On the forefront of its success is its ability to bring variance, movement efficiency, and a broad scope of knowledge to masses of novice athletes.  Further, it fosters a community of people whose common goal is becoming better versions of themselves.   
CrossFit is absolutely golden to the promise of your health.  Unfortunately, even the most flawless of gems can render an imperfection when mishandled.
The issue with CrossFit is not in the science; rather, it is in the eye of the beholder.  I recently went to the CrossFit games which hosted the top 1% of the athletes in the sport.  It was attended by the other 99%, many of whom cannot distinguish between themselves and the participants.  There is nothing wrong with fantasizing; however, when one starts lying to him or herself, the outcomes are detrimental. 
The CrossFit Games and your CrossFit class may share similar movements, but they do not share the same principles.  Your goal each day in class is NOT to win the workout at all cost.  When the need to win becomes paramount, you will often “miscount” reps and move inefficiently. 
Make your new goal to be to spend maximum time under tension: You want to optimize the amount of time you are doing work.  It is in this time of physical strain that your body will evolve and work harder to adapt.  In this zone of work, you are burning fat and building muscle. 
So, move quickly, precisely, and efficiently in your workouts; wherein, you make each rep your very best.  The idea of shorting reps and movements is counter-intuitive:  You want to work harder and longer in order to look and feel better. 
The person finishing last in the workout and doing every rep perfectly is the real winner!