Thursday February 14th, 2019

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Movement Prep

A.: Power Clean Prep (No Measure)

BN Front Rack Mobility x 20-30s1/4 Front Squat w/ pause x 3 repsHip Power Clean x 3 repsPower Clean from above knee x 3 repsPower Clean from Ground x 3 reps


B.: Power Clean (Weight)

12 minute Clock0:00 – 8:00Every minute on the minute x 8 minutesMinute 1-3 x 5 TnG RepsMinute 4-6 x 4 TnG RepsMinute 7-8 x 3 TnG Reps8:00 -12:00 – Build to Heavy Single


C.: “Say You’ll Be There” (Calories)

0:00 – 12:00Every 2 minutes x 6 Sets (12 minutes)5 Hang Power Clean45 seconds Assault Bike Sprint for Cals12:00 – 17:00Teams of 2 break up as you see fit.5 minutes Max Cals on Assault Bike


D.: Tricep Finisher (No Measure)

Tricep Pressdown x 100 reps

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