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Movement Prep

A: Single Leg Hinge Prep (No Measure)

Two Sets

Quadruped Hip Extension Hold from Elbows x 15s/leg

Staggered Stance Good Morning w/ PVC x 5/leg

Scap Pullup @3030 x 6-8 reps


B: Three Sets

Top Down Single Leg KB Deadlift x 5-6 / leg

rest 20 seconds

Circular Scap Pullup x 3-5/per direction

rest 20 seconds

Double Leg Glute Bridge Hold x 30-40 seconds

rest 20 seconds

Wall Deadbug x 5-7/side

rest 60 seconds


C: Metcon (Distance)

45 seconds on 15 seconds off x 20 minutes

Minute #1 – Row for Meters

Minute #2 – Cals on Assault Bike

Minute #3 – Ski or Rope Slam

Minute #4 – Double Unders

x 5 Sets

**Choose the best breathing pattern and style for you to sustain output**


D: Pigeon Stretch (No Measure)

1-2 minutes per leg

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