This Week at OCF – 5/1

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OCF Shred & Tone – Purchasing Extended for 1 day ONLY!

If you forgot this weekend, don’t worry, we are extending the availability of OCF Shred and OCF Tone for just a couple of more days.

The program has been a HUGE hit and we’ve already had tons purchase and get working towards their #2017SummerBody

Don’t be left behind, you can purchase the programs at the links below, OR you can fill out these forms to find out more about the programs!!

OCF Shred
OCF Tone

Don’t have any questions…?? Purchase now!

SHRED – Geared towards building muscle and getting stronger!
TONE – Geared towards getting lean and looking slim!

Rowing Seminar – Thank You Participants!!

We had people from all over the country fly to Chicago to participate in the CrossFit Rowing (Erg) Course and it was such a great time.

Two of our own OCF Coaches, Susie and Rocio, took part and learned ALL about rowing technique, efficiency, and power. They are ready to share their knowledge with you, so next time you have them as your coach in class, make sure to pick their brains on your rowing form! They are ready to help!

Another upside to the rowing seminar being hosted at O’Hare CrossFit, is now we have ALL brand new rowers to use! We can’t wait to get our cardio on with the pretty new Concept 2 Rowers.

Don’t Mind Us – REMODEL Underway!

You may notice when you walk into O’Hare CrossFit in these coming weeks that there is something different about the front area.

We are renovating our lobby area to better suit you all as members in terms of storing your equipment and make the purchasing of apparel, food/beverages, and supplements as easy as possible!

We also want to make sure you have a fancy-looking place to show off to your friends and family if you ever choose! We appreciate you understanding as we undergo this process!