This Week at OCF – 4/3

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Schedule Change Saturday 4.22!

Saturday we will be hosting the CrossFit Rowing Seminar. We are very exciting for those of you that chose to attend!

Saturday Class Schedule – 8am ONLY

There will be NO 9am or 10am classes

Bodybuilding Promotion

Now that the Open is over, are you ready to just train for looks? The coaches at OCF have developed two programs geared towards weight-training and cardio fit for aesthetics rather than performance.

Here are some details about the programs:

  • 6-weeks long with 3-days per week of workouts
  • OCF Shred is geared towards the guys who want to get that ‘shredded’ look for summer. OCF Tone is geared towards the ladies that want to ‘lean out’ their summer body!
  • Each workout lasts around 45-60 minutes
  • You are able to do your workouts on your own, in your own time, and at whatever location works best for you (i.e. home gym, globo gym, OCF)
  • The workouts will be sent to you via FitBot which is an online program that you can find the workouts, demo videos, and post comments regarding the workouts for feedback from one of our coaches!
  • They include lots of body-building style accessory work to help get you lean and toned!

They launch on Monday, April 24th, so make sure you don’t miss out and reserve your program today! Email for more info!

WL 101 Next Start Date w/ Registration Info

Did you miss out on the last OLY 101 session and have been anxious for the new one to pick up!? Well, you don’t have to wait much longer!


OLY 101 is a great way for beginner weightlifters to becomes more confident with a barbell, learn the Olympic lifts, and have some fun! Here are the details about the program:

  • COST = $150
  • Dates – Monday May 1st – Saturday, June 24th (8 weeks)
  • Days/Times – Mondays and Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm, Saturdays @ 12 pm