“The Only True Coach There Is”

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I write this blog from an athlete’s point-of-view.  Everyone has his or her ups and downs in training: Days when they are motivated, times when they are distracted, and many other ups and downs of training.
I have been giving my training a lot of self-reflection lately, and I have realized something:  In order for me to enjoy this ride, the first thing I need to do is be my own coach.  Sure, I have someone that writes my programming, and people around me to push me if I am working out with someone, but it really comes down to the little coach in my head.
My consciousness affects my training more than anyone else, and this aspect is the most liberating part of my training.  I have a solo dance in my head telling; wherein, I tell myself that I can get up at 5 and train and that I’m not tired, or telling myself that I can hit the snooze a few more times.  I’m sure there are many other thoughts, but that is the fresh one in my mind from this morning.
Although coaches are here to guide you and awaken you to your blind spots, at the end of the day your training is a solo dance.
What kind of Coach are you being to yourself?
Love yourself, pump yourself up, say good things to yourself, and you will become another person.
You have the power, we just keep you in your lane.
-Coach Angelo