The Importance of Trust

One of the keys to success for any training program, and relationship for that matter, is trust. Trust from the athlete to the coach and vice versa.  And also, trust of the program. The greatest program can be written, but without the trust of the athlete, the program is just words and numbers.


Where does this trust come from?


First, from proven success. Has the program you are following produced success – the type of success you are looking for?


Second, through education – does the staff explain the whys and hows of the workouts? The athlete has to do their part in this as well. Coming to class, being attentive, asking questions when they have them are all important – learning the whys and hows so you can get full the benefit. And last, but certainly not least, is being open-minded. Coaches have dedicated their lives to learning and understanding training principles, movement, and how to connect with athletes.  


Do you go to the kitchen of a restaurant, and criticize the chef as to why he cooks your food a certain way?  Or do you sit back, enjoy, and trust?


Third, through time. Just like any good relationship, you need time. Time for the good to outweigh the bad, time for your coach to deliver deposits, time for the program to show its value. The “quick fix” mentality has poisoned many people’s views and understanding of what it takes to make lasting changes.


Trust is key for this all to work.  Trust your programming, trust your coaches, and most importantly, trust yourself.


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