The Convenient Truth

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Often times we try to find convenience in a world of struggle.  We never really want to hear the truth because, let’s face it, the truth hurts sometimes.  Every day it becomes easier to make yet another excuse.  “Well, I don’t drink that much,” “There are people way worse than me!” 
Eventually we believe our own falsehoods; we become that thing we detest the most.  Exercise will not solve your problems; however, it will certainly give you the clarity to realize them.
Those of you that know me, know that I do not like to present myself publically, but some things need to be said.  For instance, I see miracles every day of my life.  Those of you who come into the gym every day and try, try, and try again to be better than you were the day before…. that is a testament to the human spirit.  It is pure strength.  CrossFit is an exercise methodology; wherein, you are asked to step outside of your normal realm of comfort.  Is it a cult? 
Well, I suppose that depends on your definition of a cult.  In its most convenient connotative meaning it is a group of like-minded individuals who believe in a concept.  If our concept is to live longer and feel better than I will worship that shrine and polish that golden calf until my last day. 
There is no contrary to the need to appreciate every second of every day.  Life is a temporary privilege that consistently being expended; we are meant to work and improve upon ourselves daily.  Evolution is not a preliminary concept that highlighted under Darwinism, it is perpetual; it is innate.   Keep working hard; ultimately, it is what we were made for! 
-Coach Dave