The Battle a the Kitchen Table

It’s the notorious battle between parents and kids. Parents want their kids to eat healthy, but kids resist. Sadly, sometimes these battles make eating and mealtime traumatic for parents and kids.

If you have a picky eater, don’t assume they have the same taste as you (the parent). Your child may not like certain textures and flavors that you may like. Try to think about how much your pallet has changed and evolved as you’ve grown older. Be open-minded and ask your child what kinds of foods they enjoy and what foods gross them out.

If you kids aren’t a fan of fresh fruits but love popsicle, try freezing fresh fruit. You can make healthy, homemade popsicles, or freeze fresh fruit on a cookie tray for an easy, refreshing snack.

If you kids aren’t a fan of cooked vegetables but like smoothies, make them smoothies and sneak some carrots and cucumbers in there. They will never know.

If your kids are older and want to eat junk food, take a package and ask them to read the ingredients. I bet they wont be able to pronounce some of the ingredients and will ask what the ingredients are. Ask them where those ingredients come from and if they think chemicals and preservatives are good for them. Educate you children about real, whole foods and the difference between whole foods and foods that are chemically produced.

Be patient, educate, and talk to your kids. I’m not saying it will be easy, but small changes add up over time, and hopefully, you can incorporate some healthy food into their lives.

Lastly, look online! There are tons of fun ways to help make mealtime more enjoyable. Share your ideas here about what helps you feed your children healthy nutritious meals.

-Coach Sally, OCF Kids Coach

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