Summer Run

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Our summer series of workouts are slowly creeping into the programming.  The weather is getting nicer and nicer week by week, the garage door is open and that cool breeze is starting to creep in.  Before we know it, the walls are going to be just as sweaty as we are and the temperature will be hotter inside than it is in the desert.


Something for us to think about moving forward.  Not every work out, but most of the workouts, will have a running piece to them.  When we run, especially with movements that require hamstring usage or calf usage (think box jumps or deadlifts), our lower half is going to be hit a tad bit harder than normal.  


This is the time, in late April and early May, to start developing a simple lower half activation and mobility routine to get your legs ready for those conditioning sessions.  Listed below are a couple of things to think about doing….


Calf Stretch – place your heel on the floor and get all, or the most, of the ball of your foot on a stable surface.  Keeping that leg locked out, slowly pull your upper body towards the stable surface and release the tension.  Think of doing maybe 12-15 reps per leg.


Toes Out + Toes In Walk – taking roughly 20-30 steps per leg, walk forward with our toes pointed outwards one way and your toes pointed inwards the other way.  These will make you look and feel silly, but they are an excellent way to loosen up and activate your shins.


Dead Walk – this movement requires more mental acuity than actual difficulty.  Take a small step forward, having your front leg’s heel of your foot even up with our trail leg’s toe.  Keep that front leg locked out and bend the trail leg’s knee.  In a sweeping and scooping motion, push your butt back and bring your arms towards the floor and stand back up.  Take 12-15 steps per leg.


Walking Goose Steps – walk from one end of the gym to the other, with each step creating a large sweeping swinging motion.  You should aim to kick your leg up, getting your toe even with your nose.  While kicking that leg up, contact your opposite arm’s hand.  Think that you kick with our left leg to hit your right hand.  


Preparing your legs to run is equally as important as preparing your body to deadlift or squat.  Each day that you see the workout, try your best to get simple routine going that can help loosen up your legs a bit more.  Each of these movements can be completed in under 6 to 7 minutes.  Let’s get ready to attack this warm weather, and show off what we’ve worked for this winter!!!


Coach Zach