Successful Training

I’ve have had this question asked to me quite a few times in my career. Like most tough questions, the answer is purely individual. Also, understanding the term “success” is a relative term and changes from day to day minute to minute, second to second and is essential for keeping your motivation.


Top ways to feel successful about your training:

  1. Some days success may mean just showing up, and getting the workout in. We’ve all been there: tough day at work, fighting in a personal relationship, lack of sleep, not eating well etc… Getting to the gym, getting through the workout is the success that day. Just getting through it. Doesn’t matter if it was the heaviest weight, fastest time, or any other minor details that can drive us crazy
  2. Picking a success for each day is a great way to set yourself up for success. Look at the workout, pick one movement or part of the workout you’re going to do better than the last time and focus on it. “I’m going to not stop one time doing the burpees today,” is a perfect example. One little impromptu goal is a great way to set yourself up for succes
  3. Take time to truly enjoy your successes. We live in a world that is consumed with the thought of scarcity. When was the last time you looked back from your day 1 of CrossFit and saw all the things you were capable of doing? Some of you couldn’t squat properly the first intro class or you had issues swinging a 15 pound kettebell or you couldn’t keep your arm locked out on getup, or lastly, not being able to do one pushup or pullup. When you’re having a rough day take a step back and put your mind in that place and smile. You’ve come a long way. Enjoy it.

I hope you all find a way to reach every success in your lives. It is truly an honor to be a support for your journey.  Success is a great motivator. Look to find it anywhere you can.


Coach Angelo

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