Stop and Smell the Roses

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As I entered one of my local businesses yesterday, one of the employees greeted me with a smile and said “TGIF”!  It made me really ponder why we wish our week away in anticipation of Friday?  The monotonous routine of “adulting” during the week can take a toll on us.  Some of us are mothers, fathers, business owners, caretakers, students, etc…  So it can become fairly easy to allow our lives to be controlled and dominated by to-do lists and the clock.  This is no fun for anyone.


Take a second second to stop and smell the roses. We live and do the best we can with what we have but forgetting, and often never realize, that it’s all so perfect. It is us, and only us, who are solely responsible for the outcome of our lives and how beautiful we actually make it.  How much we actually live it.


Let gratitude take over.  Let us not wish for things we don’t have and begin to replace our “im sorrys” with “thank yous” now and moving forward.  Allow yourself the opportunity to live a happier, more fulfilled life and deepen the relationships that surround you.  In addition, this will open the door to so many more quality relationships that will add to your new outlook.

Allow the people around you to receive your gratitude instead of your negativity.  Be the light and you will attract light in your life as well.


Coach Ro