Sit Down but Stretch

You show up to class consistently and you’ve changed your diet but you still have tightness in the hips (your hips don’t lie) or don’t see the results in lifts. The biggest culprit I can think of is the lack of mobility or activation exercises that members are not doing before or even after class. I can understand rushing in traffic and coming to class on time or having to drop off kids for your one hour of the day for yourself. The thing is, that neglecting the 5 minutes it takes to get ready for class is costing a lot more in the long run for your overall fitness and health.

We have become very sedentary humans in the last few decades. We know this. It is not new and I am also guilty of this. I stand at my desk and feel the need to sit down (be humble) for hours. I then get in my car and drive here and there. I am sitting for long periods of time. Therefore I have to do a lot and I mean a lot of hip and ankle mobility along with quad and glute activation. You should always strive for the most range of motion in your squat and that means all the squats (air, goblet, front, wall balls, back, cleans, snatches, and jumping) should all have the same depth. Plus the more range of motion you have the better it is for your daily life because we do need the squat as the primary functional movement for our daily lives, as I previously mentioned we do sit down all the time. But squatting makes our legs strong, requires a stable core and betters our posture. All things that we need for a healthier life!

Give yourselves just five minutes and check your air squat. How does it feel? What part of the body feels tight? Get those hips lose with some fire hydrants or hip rotations. Is it the ankles? Take off your shoes and get those ankles to do some circles. Do your quads feel weak? Then do some squats with a pause at the bottom. The point being that we can be honest with ourselves and say that we do sit a lot and maybe should employ some methods to help us out before forcing our body into positions it hasn’t seen all day. Those hips won’t lie to you so squat honestly.


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