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Each week when I write workouts for classes, I look to create a stimulus appropriate to challenge each of you. I am looking for you to reach each time you exercise.
What mean by reach is the following: What is the just right amount of challenge for ability in a workout prescription? 
I hope to guide you to that exact point where ability and challenge can meet is the optimal place for growth. If you reach too far, you can be defeated resulting in over-training; howver, if you do not reach enough, there no progress. 
Some of the coaches have brought to my attention that the workouts could be a bit too tough, or “What are you thinking?” “Is that a typo?” This results in me explaining my thought process and everyone understanding it a bit more. 
However you define yourself (exerciser, athlete, etc), you are looking to improve in some form; otherwise, you would not be here.
Are you trying to reach? 
Are you accepting a challenge without fear of the result? 
Or are you just hoping that every day will be easy and you can skate by? 
I urge you to start reaching. Reaching because you’re worth it. Reach because the person next to you is reaching in their way. 
The “success” is the fact that you reached, not the result.  
Reach as much as you can, in all you do, without fear.