OCF Movement Academy: Squat Prep

So today you’re squatting. 

You’ve broken a light sweat.

You’ve done your mobility and your body is feeling loose.

Now What? 

Grab a bar and start knocking out some light squats?!?

Better yet, skip the light barbell and throw some 45s on there and start squatting?!?

Neither are recommended in this point of the workout. 

Prepping your body to squat is what’s next.

You want to send signals to your body that it’s not only time to squat, but squat WELL. 

In comes in squat prep.

This is the perfect thing to do after warmup and mobility prior to starting your strength sessions. 

What is Squat Prep? 

Squat prep is a series of movements that reinforce certain movement patterns, and activate muscles in the fashion you’ll be using in squatting. 

Here’s what to do and why 

Lateral Lunge 

The Lateral lunge is a great way to help trace a proper squat pattern in one leg as well as stretch the hip in the trail leg.  As you push your butt back, keep your chest up, and heels down you’ll notice your working leg will resemble an idea bottom of squat position at the bottom.  The trail leg will feel a stretch in the adductor. This area is crucial to have mobile for proper squatting and reduce chance of knee pain. For an extra stretch turn your trail leg toe up. 

We recommend 4-5 reps per side x 2 -3 sets 

Wall Facing Goblet Squat 

The wall facing goblet squat is a perfect movement to signal to the body a proper squat.  The lighter the goblet the harder it is to make lower depths because it’s not pushing you down like a heavy load could, so lighten up here and see what your body has available.  Facing the wall helps with two major areas; sound squatting technique (pushing butt back, balance over feet) and posture (you’ll hit the wall if you fall forward 🙂 ).  

We suggest starting about 8-10 inches from the wall. As long as you can squat properly without any compensation, move closer over time til your feet are just at the wall. 

We recommend 5 reps at 2 seconds down 2 seconds pause tempo  x 2 -3 sets 

Legs Only Deadbug

The legs only deadbug brings one the most common faults in squatting, posture / spinal position.  Some of us may arch and cause a butt wink, some of us may flex forward causing poor posture and lower back pain potentially. 

Lay on the floor legs at 90 degrees, arms to the ceiling, head on the ground, chin neutral.  That’s just the set up, next push your belly button into your spine. Feel your body pushing against the ground.  Once you have that tension extend one leg as far as you can go without your lower back coming off the ground, then repeat with the opposite leg. 

We recommend 5 reps per side x 2-3 sets. 

,Once completed your legs and core should know what time it is Squat time. 

After completion of this, begin working into your strength sets. 

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