OCF Monthly Newsletter – March 2017

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O’Hare Kid’s CrossFit Classes

ONE WEEK LEFT to sign up!! If we do not fill at least 10 spots for the program, we will not be able to move forward with the program. We still have spots to fill.

Let your friends know the details!

  • Start Date: Saturday, April 1st

  • Day/Times: Saturday’s from 12 pm – 1 pm

  • Cost: $150 for 8-week session (ends May 20th)

  • Ages: 12-16 y/o

If you have any questions regarding the program, please email rocio@oharecrossfit.com OR go HERE to sign up now!

Check out some reasons why kids should be exercising regularly!

Friday Night Lights 17.5 Post Party

It’s the FINAL week of the Open! You’ve all done such an amazing job so far, there is nothing left to do but CELEBRATE!!

We will be having a Post-Friday Night Lights party THIS Friday night, March 24th. Following the last heat of 17.5, we will be providing Slice Factory catering for everyone! We will have pizza, burgers, sides, etc. All you need to do is bring any beverage you wish to enjoy (adult beverages are allowed)!

If there was ANY week for your family and friends to come cheer you on, THIS is the week. Show them what OCF is all about!

Coming Soon….OCF Shred & OCF Tone

Now that the Open is coming to the end, let’s focus on what the main reason we work out is…to LOOK GOOD!

We bust our butts in the gym each day so we are capable and strong, but no one cares how strong they are if they don’t look the part.

Ladies, do you wish bathing suit shopping wasn’t something you dread, but instead look forward to because of how great and toned you look?

Guys, don’t you wish you could SEE the definition of those muscles we work hard for?

The O’Hare CrossFit coaches have created two new accessory programs to help YOU get that summer body you want. OCF Shred is aimed for the guys, to build that muscle and look jacked. OCF Tone is geared for the ladies with some extra cardio to help you get that lean look.

Keep your eye out for the release of the programs COMING SOON!