Monday July 29th, 2019

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Movement Prep

A.: Squat Prep (No Measure)

Two Sets

Lateral Duck Walk x 25ft

Diaphragmatic Belly Breathing x 5 breaths


Two Sets

Forward Duck Walk x 25ft

Bird Dog x 5 reps


Behind the Neck Front Rack Step up x 5/leg


B.: Metcon (Weight)

Four Sets

Front Rack Step up x 8/leg **80% RPE today**

Rest 30 seconds

Strict Supinated Grip Pullup x 2-4 reps **Weighted if Possible**

Rest 90 seconds


C.: Metcon (Time)

Three Rounds for Time:

30 Wall Ball 20/14#

20 Toes to Bar


D.: Metcon (No Measure)


Double Leg Wall Sit – Accumulate 100 seconds

Pigeon Stretch – Accumulate 60 seconds per leg

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