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If you’re my age you will undoubtedly remember the phrase “I’m getting too old for this shit,” uttered by Detective Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been training since you were in your teenage years or if you’re brand new to the scene of fitness. When you hit your 30’s, then your mid 30’s then your, ugh, late 30’s and beyond, training becomes increasingly focused on the prep and the post-workout portions of your time. This is because as we age there is a lot of changeability in the situational factors that define each of our needs as an athlete. This increased complexity causes our development to be highly variable and much less linear than younger athletes can be.

What are the situational factors?


Injuries accumulate over time so the older someone is the more likely they can be to have to watch certain areas or avoid certain movements creating a set of habits that athlete may or may not be aware of.

The amount of time you have invested or are currently investing in pre and post workout flexibility and mobility matters.

The athlete’s diet becomes increasingly important as the bodies natural metabolism begins too slow.

Life and the various responsibilities that come along with responsible adulting accrue in volume and difficulty. Kids, jobs, family and career responsibilities all that and more.

In the CrossFit Masters Athlete training course they break down the athlete into specific archetypes using four variables; Age, current fitness level, current injuries or injury state, and the athletes goals.

If we combine those situational factors and the four variables for archetypes we find a very simple set of focus areas for the master’s athlete.

Age and what that amount of time has resulted in regarding the set of injuries or restrictions.

Age and how much of that time has been dedicated to fitness.


How the athlete handles the stresses of their lives and how they balance out their fitness goals with the responsibilities of life.

So, ask yourself some questions.

Do you have goals for your health and fitness?

Do you know what state your body is in regarding injuries or movement restrictions?

Do you dedicate time to meal planning and ensuring your diet consists of foods with a nutrient density that supports your health and goals?

Do you place priority on your health and fitness with all the other stresses of life?


If any of those are not currently answerable by you, then that’s what we are here for. Grab some time with us and let’s make sure you’re all set for success.

Whether you're a Masters Athlete, just starting our, or at your peak performance, we can help you continue to reach all your goals. Ready to be your best self?

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