Manifest Your Want

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Over the past year I have become a lot more aware of my choices.  The reason being is because, although it took me nearly 28 years to figure out, I finally realized that everything in this life is a choice.


There is pizza in front of me.  Do I HAVE to eat it?  No, that’s a choice.

I’m out with friends.  Do I HAVE to drink too?  No, this is a choice.

I’m super-stressed about work, do I HAVE to take on another project?  Nope, guess what?  You can say no.

I am in a stressful relationship, whether it be with a friend or romantic, do I HAVE to stay in it?  No, this is a choice.


So when you evaluate what things are important to you, and what you SAY is important to you, consider what choices you’re making.  Are you putting yourself first?  Are you putting your health up there too?


What you WANT is out there – you just have to make the choices to manifest those things you want into a reality.  WANT and DO are two very different things.  Few people DO what they WANT.


Are you one of those people?  Are your expectations in line with your actions?


If not, do not fret.  Simply adjust your expectations and be happy with where you are rather than always wanting to be somewhere else.  If that doesn’t sound like a place you want to be, then do something about it.


Joy and depression cannot reside in the same place.  Pick the life you want, or find a way to be happy with the life you have chosen for yourself.


-Coach Becca