Being a nutritional coach and being a CrossFit coach for about 4-5 years now, I’ve started to notice a very peculiar series of events that happens over and over again.  I’ve finally realized that it’s something I need to write about and bring to light, because it is easily ignored and forgotten how much our hard work in the gym and in our nutrition does for us.


Have you ever seen this happen to a friend or loved one:

“I haven’t lost a pound in months!  I obviously am not seeing results going to the gym or eating well anymore, I’m just going to stop.”


Said friend leaves the gym, or stops paying attention to their diet, and 3-6 months later, you see them again.  They have either gained unhealthy weight, or they seem to have developed poor habits of drinking every weekend and eating out a lot.


What we don’t realize is that sometimes, just maintaining our weight is progress! How many times have you lost a bunch of weight on a diet, just to turn around and gain it all back and then some in a few months.  Maintaining progress is hard work, and it is hard work that shouldn’t be ignored.  Also understand that having exercise regularly in your life increases your average metabolic rate by quite a bit.


We may not realize these things are happening, but imagine across the year how many times you’ve gone to bed earlier, or skipped a night of drinking because you wanted to make it to the gym early the next morning?

Those nights early to bed, those beers not drank add up across a year to equal a healthier, fitter you!


So next time you consider skipping the gym or quitting your diet, just imagining yourself 6 months from now…and reconsider.

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