Learn to LOVE the things you HATE

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In a fitness space, we often come across a list of things that we hate doing.  Some of those can be simple, like hopping on a rower for a distance or calorie mark, or something more complex as string together a long unbroken set of wall balls.  All the things that you hate doing, you probably hate because you are not that good at them.


Coming from experience, and currently having to relearn just about everything, there were so many things that I dreaded in work outs.  I would check the website, see something that I knew would slow me down to a snail’s pace in a work out and skip that day with some excuse for needing rest or having to wash my hair.


I hate pull ups, my arms are long, I do not have a lot of upper body strength and I just do not like them.  But guess what, I love pullups.  I love them because it is constant and immediate feedback for something that I know I need to work on.  If I can do several strict or string together a decent size of kipping pull ups, I am improving.
You need to love the things you hate because those things are going to give you the feedback that you crave.  Your ability to overhead squat more, your ability to push it harder on the assault bike, your ability to run faster in a 300; all of that is your feedback for improvement that only you can feel and see.