Just Another Manic Monday

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First, let me offer a brief disclaimer:  I am not a dietician and my advice is purely narrative; however, I think my story will be applicable to many of you.  

Until recently, if I was asked to rate my weekly workouts 1-6 in order of success and overall feel good factor, my Monday workout would be a perennial Uno.  The further I would get in the week the better I would feel; wherein, my lifts got stronger, and I moved a bit quicker.  My Monday workout, on the other hand, felt as if I had an Albatross upon my neck that weighed me down (“Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge).  Often, it took me until Wednesday to start to feel like myself again.  This surmountable feeling was directly connected to my diet on Saturday and Sunday.  My reasoning was quite unsound:  I worked hard and dieted all week, so eating and drinking in abundance on the weekend shouldn’t be an issue.  Those of you who know our modus operandi on Saturday mornings are aware that we do a ton of volume.  The workouts are often long and grueling.  Unfortunately, I took this to mean I could eat and drink the equivalent of my efforts in pizza, burritos, Pinot Grigio etc.  

Although I would do a light workout on Sunday, I would find myself snacking all day and eating three plus large meals.  I earned it right?  Without getting over scientific, overeating causes inflammation.  Your liver and stomach have to overwork to get your body back to neutral, and you feel it physically (http://dramyneuzil.com/the-11-factors-that-cause-inflammation/).  I would eat to the point of being overly full and go to sleep with a distended stomach from my day’s feasting.  Ultimately, I would show up to work out on Monday with a carbo-laden piano on my back, and my workouts SUCKED!

The fix was simple: I stopped eating!  I am only kidding; your goal is to live your life feeling great, and you do deserve some treats here and there.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  What I started to do was plan my debauchery a little better. I didn’t change what I ate in so much as the timing and quantity. For instance, instead of have two cheat days, I scheduled two cheat meals (one savory, one sweet).  I know that I am going to get a good workout on Saturday, so I use my dinner on Friday as my cheat meal.  The rest of my meals on Friday are clean and portioned out.  I try to keep my cheat meal the equivalent to one plate full of whatever I am indulging in (not an exact science).  Further, my next meal isn’t until after my workout on Saturday morning; I am use the extra cheat calories for fuel.  My sweet meal is on Saturday and limited to an acceptable portion, I am look to be satisfied not full.   Again, all the rest of my meals on this day should be controlled.    

As for Sunday, try to start your day immediately with a long walk, jog, or some movement.  Diet with your Monday morning workout in mind.  Go nuts on vegetables and keep your portion of mom’s pasta and meatballs to a single bowl in the afternoon.  Do not go to bed feeling like you just took your last bite of food.  My methods may not work for you, but I have ballooned enough to know what doesn’t work, and being a gluttonous, sedentary excuse for a human being is not an appropriate day of rest.  Take back your Mondays!    



-Coach Dave