July 2019 Check in for Charity

July 1st means a new charity, and this one should be familiar to you! Lift For The 22 is an organization designed to provide free one year gym memberships to the veteran community in order to reduce veteran suicide. By partnering with fitness facilities across the country who donate gym memberships to Lift For The 22, our program can redistribute thousands of gym memberships to the veteran community every year. More gyms = more memberships available. Lift For The 22 aims to provide fitness as a new transitional tool for the veteran community.

– In case you missed our Lift for the 22 event in June, you can help out their cause all month long in July! Here’s how you help: come work out and then hop on Facebook before warming up or before you leave to go home and “Check In” to OCF using the hashtags  #checkinforcharity and #liftforthe22
We donate a dollar for every check-in we get! Let’s do this thing!

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