Is your goal aligned to where you are now?

We’ve heard it before, “work smarter not harder”… but what does that mean?  What does that even look like?


Our experience, and that of our parents, has taught us the opposite of this saying.  We have been conditioned to feel accomplished only if we are going crazy with overwhelm, stress, and and feeling burnt out at the end of everyday.  Unfortunately for most of us, this results in being unproductive, unhappy, and unmotivated.


Chances are most of us have goals, or things we want to accomplish now, in the next week, month, even year(s).  And we have fallen off the wagon of working towards that thing because we are trying to do too many things at once, or because the season of your life has changed.  


Maybe you are about to have kids?  Had a change in work schedule? Had a major event deter you and you are no longer taking actions to get this done.  

If doing the things to accomplish your goal are not a priority, then why is it still a goal?  


These actions, or lack thereof, are setting you up to fail, and furthermore, making you feel shame and guilt around not doing the things you know you need to do but are just not willing, ready, or committed to doing right now.  Your life is out of alignment.


Work smarter in accomplishing your goals by adjusting these expectations and adapting to your current season of life.  Set yourself up for success. Align your goals with where you are NOW. And more importantly, do the things to get you there.


Be clear on where you are in your life and prioritize around it.  Focus on one thing. This will give you permission to do all the other things that are important as well i.e. read a book, make time to workout, be present with your family and friends.



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