OCF Movement Academy: Improve Your Deadlifts

Performing a proper deadlift can be tricky at the start of your exercise career. 


You may not know how to perform it properly.


You may even have been taught improperly.


Does your back hurt when you deadlift? 


The goal of the deadlift is to create and keep tension on the posterior (backside) of your body. 


Want to see how easy it is for tension to leave your backside? 


Try this 


Stand up superman + Instagram + press your ham and hold


Don’t know how to superman? Check out this article HERE


Feel that tension in the backside of your body? 


Now, bend your knees forward.


What happened? 


Most likely all that tension has been realized. 


So now we know that in order to keep tension in the backside of your body we need to keep our knees back. NOT locked out, just back. 


How do you train your body to do this if it’s not natural? 


The first thing you can do is check your mobility in your hamstrings. You can’t keep tension in an area you are not able to access. 


Once you’ve cleared up the mobility issue try this out.


Take a box and put it right behind your calves. 


Set up in your normal deadlift position and press the calves against the box.  


Now perform your deadlift while keeping the lower leg pushing against the box.


Keep focused on keeping constant pressure on the box.  


This will help your body and mind develop the connection for using your hamstrings in the deadlift. 


This is a great warm-up tool, as well as a great way to perform your deadlifts if you are focused on developing sound technique.


We recommend 6-8 reps x 2-3 sets for a warmup for a deadlift session.  


The more the hamstrings and glutes are engaged the better you will be performing this movement.  

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