How I Broke the Habit and Made My Nutrition a Lifestyle

*This blog is dedicated to Violet, thank you for your suggestion. :)*


I want to start off by saying I have not “broken” the habit of making unhealthy choices.


For me this is something that I continue to struggle with.


I grew up overweight most of my life.  


Why share that?


To help you realize that making a healthy lifestyle a habit takes time.  


How can you expect to have a poor relationship with food for 25 years and then think that you can reverse it in anything shorter than 25 years?


Not to mention the habit of eating poorly began during my formidable years.


As an adult it takes double the work to change a habit, minimum.


So now that that’s on the table I want you to know you can get better. It just takes work.


Conscious, real effort.


Effort that will still fail you sometimes.


Effort that you do not obsess about yet still allow to play a role.


So how do I pull myself in and make healthy choices?


  1. I remind myself of how much I love myself. Sounds funny, but the idea of putting something “bad” in your body is the opposite of what I would consider love.
  2. I remind myself of how much it means to be the best version of myself for YOU.  My clients, my followers, anyone reading this. Leadership is taught by example, not dictation.  So if I want to be the leader I believe and claim that I am, I walk the walk. I believe we are all leaders.  Our behavior impacts other people. So know you are a leader as well.
  3. Have a small amount.  I overeat with the best of them. I really do.  So if you want to have that ice cream, have a small portion.  Buy just the amount that is good for you and then remove it. Learn how to be satisfied with just a taste.
  4. Forgive Fast.  I mess this up ALL the time.  Hell, at the time of you reading this I may have consumed 4 pints of ice cream over a weekend.  The point is if you go overboard, forgive yourself fast so you can get back on track. Beating yourself up will put you in a spiral of making more unhealthy choices. Believe me.


Changing habits takes WORK.


Lots of it.  


I hope the tools I have given you help you take a step in the right direction towards your goals.




Coach Ang

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