Gymnastics 101 Day 1

O’Hare CrossFit – Gymnastics 101

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Plank Circuit

20 seconds each – arm extended (AE)front plank, AE single arm side plank, AE single arm side plank, Front plank from elbows, Side plank from elbow, Side plank from elbow
Make notes about which portion you failed or felt the most difficulty in holding your position.

Hollow Progression

Make notes about which progression you were able to do and still maintain your lower back pressing into the ground.

Strict Pull Ups

Make notes about which scale you used and how many reps you were able to get in that scale

Pull Up Isolation Hold

Make notes about how long you were able to hold your chin above the bar. Also make notes about what part of your body was feeling the failure the most e.g. arms, shoulders, back, breathing,…

Slide Outs

Make notes about how many you were able to do and what method you used; either the plate on the wood or the rower

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