We all have GOATS.

No, not those furry, cloven-hoofed bastards with whom hipsters do yoga.

In the world of strength and conditioning, GOATS are limitations or things for which we are just downright not our best.

A GOAT is a weakness, usually due to movement restrictions or strength limitations.

GOATS are movements we often avoid practicing. They’ve even been known to keep some of us out of the gym on days when one of our GOATS pops up in the workout of the day.

Wobble and fall when attempting to do a single-legged squat? Pistols – that’s one of your GOATS.

Still struggling to pull your body weight over that pull-up bar on the rig, or to lock out that first muscle up? Pull-ups or muscle ups are your GOAT(s).

Pretty much everything we do here in the gym is a GOAT for someone. Everyone – I mean absolutely everyone – from your brand new Crossfitters to your veteran competition athletes has GOATS.

We’ll continue to work to help you do this collectively in classes.

We’re here to help you meet your goals, slay your GOATS, and get you to the next level.

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