Friday 10.13.17

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A. Back Squat Prep
Squat Hold w/o Barbell x 2 minutes
Feet Together Squat x 3 reps **Ankle Mobility**
Sumo Stance Squat x 3 reps **Glute Activation**
Back Squat x 5 reps
B. Back Squat – Build to a 10RM in 15 minutes
in btw first 3 sets perform Dumbell Renegade Row w/ pause at top + 3s lower in each rep x 5-7/side
**Explain that during building weights, not necessary to do 10 reps. Build to a tough weight then hit 10s. Think 1-3 Attempts for 10RM. Leave plenty of time for breaks in the 10RM Sets
C. “Reverse Jackie”
30 Pullups
50 Thruster 45/35#
1k Row
**Scaling Options
  1. Jumping Pullups – Measure Forearm Height to Middle of the bar** ***