Focus on One Puzzle Piece at a Time

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In a perfect world, we would all be blessed with proper balance, muscle activation equal to both sides, and core stability. Few are naturally given this symbiotic structural balance.  
CrossFit does help improve many areas of fitness but not all of them. Those with nagging injuries, muscular imbalances, and poor activation we may need a training model that focuses more in muscular isolation. 
OCF Body & Shred are versions of functional bodybuilding. Many of us hear the word bodybuilding and think aesthetics. You know, ripped abs, and front double bicep pose Arnold style.  
The truth is isolation work found in body building can be bring up lagging areas to make the body as a whole much more balanced, rehab injury, and in fact reduce the chances of injury. 
The body is a very interesting machine. When fixing your car, if your engine needs work, you would you put more work in the engine, not just the car as a whole. Functional bodybuilding is no different.  
After nearly 10 years of working with CrossFit athletes, our program was designed to not only make you look amazing, but to injury proof your body and possibly rehab lagging areas that we have seen time and time again in CrossFit. 
This is not only for super competitive athletes but athletes that would like to be more balanced and stable. This will lead to better overall performance in the CrossFit. 
Breaking up the puzzle, fixing a piece or two and then laying it all out together will be the ideal way for you to feel great while having longevity in your fitness and overall wellness. 
-Coach Angelo