Falling Off the Wagon

“I’m dreading going back….its like I’m starting all over again”


You’re right… it is.  And at this very moment, it’s best to just accept it.  We’ve all been there: life, work, family, and/or special occasions are abundantly taking over every part of our lives.  We allow the overwhelming feelings to steer the wheel on all the decisions that we will face in the days, weeks, and sometimes even months to come.


In the process we abandon our routine and the habits that we have implemented to get us somewhere…a goal, a mission that we so excitingly sought out to begin with.  So what do I do now? Just show up. Be honest with yourself and realize that the shame is keeping you from getting back on track. Understand that it will be like starting over.  You will be sore more often. There will be days you can’t lift as much a you used to.  Heck, there may even be things you may not be able to do that came so easily before. Own it, learn from it, and let it go.  It won’t last forever. Nothing like this does.


And prepare, in case new obstacles arise, and they will, to avoid feeling like this again.  Try the following to build a solid training routine, that won’t be susceptible to destruction, no matter what gets thrown your way :


  1. Be consistent.  Pick training days and times that work with your schedule and stick to them.  Every day. Every week. Its best to pick one class to attend consistently, if your schedule allows.  This will help not leave your training up to chance and risk not getting it in.

  2. Put it in your calendar and treat it like an appointment that you can’t miss.  If it’s not in your schedule, it’s not happening.

  3. Give yourself a reward when the task is completed. For me its a post workout snack, like my protein oats.  Every time you reward yourself, you reaffirm and reinforce the behavior.

  4. Lastly, adjust your expectations.  Accept that it may take some time and work to get back to where you were, especially if it’s been more than a week since you’ve been in the gym. Talk to your coaches about possible adjustments and modifications


Through practice and repetition, you can develop the healthy habits and incorporate them into your training routine that will endure long-term.


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