“Eat right, exercise, don’t smoke;” these are all the things that we hear from the time we can comprehend that we are supposed to live a so-called healthy lifestyle. We all know that investing in our health is important nowadays from the slew of information that we come across. Since coming into the fitness/wellness industry I have learned a lot about nutrition and different types of fitness. A lot of ideas I had about being healthy from me embedding it in my mind from listening to some expert have come to be wrong or not in line with my personal goals. That’s all ok, but the one thing that a lot of people discount is their energy. You can do all the above correctly and still feel extreme fatigue, lack of motivation and leave you without seeing the results you desire because you are expelling energy on things or people that will leave you feeling drained.

When you commit to changing your life and make a routine of including healthy habits like training Crossfit or cutting out soft drinks from your diet you are investing in yourself. You are your own personal bank and are making deposits towards your quality and quantity (for that matter) of life. Nothing inspires me more that seeing people commit and make themselves a priority when they lead such busy lifestyles and have families. It is a testament of what they are capable of and the work they are willing to do. Often times though there comes a point, or many points in one’s path to health when they feel a lot of stress or obstacles and can’t quite place why they need a “break” from working out or time off or whatever it may be. Upon endless conversations I have realized that we let everyday stresses become very big stresses and the ability to cut things or toxic relationships affect how we feel personally.

A lot of people have a difficult time saying ‘no.’ It is something I am working on because I too have this issue. There could be something stressful going on at work l and next thing you know it has snowballed into a huge crisis and you’ll need some mental health days off from your workouts to recover. This is very unproductive towards your goals. It is the opposite, you are dishonoring your energy by not asking people for help or by being honest and just cutting yourself some slack for not having it all together. There can also be people in your life that you love and care for that without knowing drain your energy. They have a lot of drama or basically just need a lot of help and reassurance. I am in no way saying cut off people from your life but it is definitely valid and healthy for you to not take a phone call from them when you need time for yourself or participate in conversations that don’t leave you feeling replenished at the end of them.

How do these things that I am saying lack contribution to your well being. Well, duress or stress that the above situations put you through make your body go into overdrive. Your body works extra hard to try to maintain the stress level and it basically runs like it’s going through a rough workout all the time which is actually not good. It then sends distress signals to the brain and makes you crave carby or fatty foods so that you can sustain the energy that is being used by the stress and it prevents you from losing fat even if you still are working out because your body doesn’t want to let go of nutrients it needs during such crazy times. This is no way to live and it is all preventable by taking the extra steps and really being healthy. So yes, eat healthy, exercise but do not forget to avoid ALL the unhealthy habits. Save your energy also.

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