Do you suffer from “Mom Guilt”?

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There is something I struggle with daily. It causes a lot of self- doubt and insecurity. I have mom guilt; and after all these years it has not gone away. I strongly believe that a person must be selfish sometimes and set aside time for themselves to make their health and fitness a priority so they can better serve their family and children. After all It sets a good example and there is a plethora of mental and emotional health benefits to working out.


But what good does it do if you are struggling with the feeling that you are not being the best mom you can be? What if your kids resent the time you spend away? What if people think you’re a negligent mother?  What about all the little moments you miss out on? The overwhelming feeling that your kids must be top priority always can be quite daunting and can be made worse because of cultural and societal expectations.  I still deal with this even though my daughters are teens!


The truth is that those feelings might never go away but you have to remember why you started working out and watching your nutrition to begin with.  I can guarantee being healthy for your children and family is at the top of your priorities.  When you feel the mom guilt know that it is as much for them as it is for you. Being a healthy mom is being a good mom and years from now when you’re still able to enjoy quality time with your much older kids you’ll know that it was worth it.


-Coach Susie