Development of a CrossFit Athlete

Your CrossFit journey is much like growth as a human.


There are key parts of each stage. Each stage has its owns up and downs, wins and challenges.  


Here is how I see it:


Intro Session – Birth

You drive down this street of industrial buildings, not sure if you are going to walk out of the place once you walk in.  You walk in, see people of all ages and sizes focused on their training and one of two thoughts pop in your head, 1. “I am not in good enough shape to be here, or this is out of my league” or “ 2. “Yes!, I’ve found my new home.”  Either way you stay and go through your session, you talk about your goals, nutrition, get a workout in, and then realize this place is full of amazing coaches and members that are all here to become the best version of themselves.  So you sign up and schedule foundations.


Foundations – Infancy

You attend Day 1 of foundations and one of two things happen – 1. Everything you thought about movements and exercises was wrong or 2. You realize that this is something you are going to have to commit to be better. CrossFit isn’t a workout you do, it’s a lifestyle you live.  You stick it out and get through your 5 sessions, pray that you remember what a thruster is and now you’re on your own to show up and attend classes consistently.


First 30 days of Classes – Toddler

This is when the real work starts.  You show up to class, everyone “seems” to know exactly what they are doing, you resist to ask any questions when the coach asks the group, and you set up your barbell as far away from the front as possible. You go through class hoping you can keep up, do the movements right, and find someone cool to chat with during your breaks.


Here’s what I suggest doing to make this part of your journey even better

  1. Do your homework –

    1. The Workouts are on the website at 8:00pm the night before class

      1. We have strategy explanations for Conditioning on the site Monday – Friday

      2. Youtube the movements if necessary.

    2. Be 10-15 minutes early for class. Victory Favors the prepared

    3. Ask a Coach about the class prior to starting so you can get a head start on any of your concerns.

    4. Make Friends –  

      1. We are ALL on parallel journeys at OCF.  Backgrounds and goals may be different, but we are all trying to become the best version of ourselves

  2. Start paying attention to your nutrition.

    1. Make 1-2 small changes if this is a big change for you.

    2. If you already have a good baseline, choose 1 habit change to improve


Day 31 – 60 – Childhood

At this point, the flow of class should start feeling easier.  You know how to line up, where the collars are, how to set your Assault Bike.  You still aren’t sure about this max lift thing, but you are beginning to understand how to do multiple different Squats, Deadlifts, & Movements. You know how to scale some key movements you see (Pullups, Wall Ball Weight etc). You should have a couple key people that you are vibing with day after day.  You should also start noticing the following results (Keep in mind nutrition, sleep, stress, consistency, & effort all play a role) – More energy, Stronger, more athletic, weight loss, and/or muscle gain


Here’s what I suggest doing to make this part of your journey even better

  1. Everything in the Infancy Stage +

  2. You start understanding that better performance in lifts and workouts equals better results aesthetically

  3. You begin recording your lifts and times.  Not to compare with others, to compare with yourself

  4. You attend a community event and realize that these “fit” people are actually as human as you are.

  5. You know every coach by name.


Day 61 – 90 – Adolescence

You Start feeling really comfortable in classes. You understand how to load the barbell and where everything in the gym is.  You may even have a few calluses and grow love for using chalk. You may notice a new muscles pop out that you didn’t know existed :). Jeans are not as snug as they once were.  You are learning new skills (Double unders, Barbell Cycling, Breathing and pacing) which is very motivating.


Here’s what I suggest doing to make this part of your journey even better

  1. Everything in the Childhood Stage  +

  2. You buy your first pair of CrossFit Shoes. You’re officially a CrossFitter!

  3. You start realizing that the member that you once thought was in SUCH amazing shape is not far out of reach with time and consistency.

  4. You’re attending more classes (4-6/ week)

  5. You look into supplements to help with recovery and kick your nutrition game up a notch

  6. You have your regular gym Bffs that you can’t wait to tag in a post on Social Media


Day 91 – 180 – Early Adulthood

This is the period when most likely your goals shift slightly. Don’t get me wrong you still want to look good naked, but you also have full blown performance goals. Pullups, Rope Climbs, heavier lifts, getting ready for the Open etc..  You’re committed now. You’re ready to walk this lifelong journey of mastery. Becoming a better version of yourself is habit at this point. You’re positive, you show up and are present in each class.


Here’s what I suggest doing to make this part of your journey even better

  1. Everything in the Adolescence Stage  +

  2. You start looking to additional Help

    1. You stay after class and practice some movements with your class mates.

    2. You begin helping and encouraging the new person. You remember what it was once was like to be new and you want to make their experience even better.

    3. Attend Seminars

  3. You choose a performance goal, talk to a coach about it, and map out how to get there.


Day 180 + – Adulthood

At this point, It feels like home when you walk in the gym.  You know the moves, the characters, and how to succeed. You take ownership at OCF. You realize this is your happy place and you do your best to maintain and protect it.  You have seen multiple results at this point, and now its time to not go backwards. You keep choosing new goals and things to work towards to keep it fresh


Here’s what I suggest doing to make this part of your journey even better

  1. Everything in the Early Adult Stage  +

  2. You look into –

    1. Nutrition Coaching to move deeper towards your ultimate goals

    2. OLY 101 or Strong

    3. Additional sessions with a coach to work on a skill

    4. Additional Programming


You have a roadmap on how to succeed at OCF.   Now it comes for the part that matters the most: action.  


Get to Work. Consistency is key.  Effort is a choice.


I promise you won’t regret this.

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