Day Zero

Your first day of CrossFit will be your day zero. This will vary from person to person. The funny thing is most people believe their first day that they are way more out of shape than they actually are or that most people start off at a higher level than them. What other people do or where they start off in their fitness journey is irrelevant. CrossFit is notorious to be available and possible for every type of fitness level. So that means no matter what your level is, everyone starts at day zero. You will only see progress from there and incrementally get your fitness level higher one day at a time.


On my day zero I thought “my cardio” was good because I had done a lot of running beforehand, but I was pretty sure I was not very strong. Well I came out of that day and realized I was more out of shape than I had thought. Breathing workouts were the hardest for me and I had to take it easier than everyone else in class. Any movement that called for weights meant I was going to have to do it without weight and just use my body and I felt weaker and more out of shape than anyone else. As I got more experience and stayed consistent in the gym, I was able to increase a dumbbell here or get a little faster there and my fitness increased and I felt pretty good about it. My day zero was far behind me, and I was both grateful and proud of my tenacity.


No one should be discouraged from working out. At the end of the day I would see other people start their CrossFit journey and saw either their struggle or them have a rough workout and realized that no matter how in shape someone was, we all start at day zero. Sure, my day zero was different from a lot of people with more exercise experience, but it doesn’t discredit that we all put in hard work to get better. Working out involves resolve and well, work; it’s there in the name. If you want to get out of your day zero, whatever it may be, it will involve you putting in work and not looking back.


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