Courage Redefined

Truth is all of us have many things in common.


One of those “things” is emotions, or as some may call it, feelings.


As humans, we all share this common bond.


Yet, many of us (including myself), spend time avoiding feeling them, and/or are not able to admit we are feeling certain feelings.


Where does the stigma of admitting we have moments of being sad, scared, hurt, angry, depressed, or fearful come from?


That is a debate that can go on forever.  My guess is misinterpretation of the messages and context both play a part.  


I know for certain I was taught “Big Boys Don’t Cry”.  I believe my father wanted to teach me how to be strong and lean into my fears. As a child I took that as not allowing myself to feel sadness.


As the title of the blog implies, the purpose of this blog is to redefine how I see courage.


This is my view.  You may agree with me or disagree with me, but I respect you and your view either way.


As an adult I have found it extremely liberating to redefine much of what I was taught/ programmed throughout my youth.


Courage is one of them.


Here is how I define courage.


Courage is your ability to lean into any sort of:










Situations that may involve conflict


And most importantly, your ability to identify your true feelings, feel them, and be able to articulate them in the proper context.


I speak from living on both sides of this coin. I have lived a life in a non-courageous manner.  I have hidden my feelings, covered them with anger, withdrawal, addictions, and rage.


And honestly, not allowing yourself to feel them is the EASY way out of life.


How does this show up in your day to day life?


You use addictions (healthy and unhealthy), withdrawal, binge watching television, staring at your phone, basically ANYTHING to numb yourself long enough not to feel them.


I urge you all to take the leap and LEAN into courage.


Tell someone you love them. Tell someone they hurt your feelings. Tell someone you are sad when you are.  


Whatever happens after that is not up to you.


The WORLD is a better place when you do.


YOU are better when you do.  

Coach Angelo

Ready to start your own courageous journey?

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