Competition: You vs. You

Approaching that barbell every attempt, and coming off of the adrenaline that was running through my veins…I had an epiphany about where I was. I am here to compete against myself and do what I can do to the BEST of MY ability.


For a couple of years now I had wanted to do a Weightlifting Competition and had all the limiting beliefs of “not good enough”, “not ready”, “not worthy”.  This fear of failure prevented me from accomplishing this goal.


As I committed to doing what I could to “get ready” for this over the last 10 months, I did what was required of me in training, every day.  I developed my technique and concentrated on what I could control – my effort.


That day came a few weekends ago and I had two prominent emotions: excitement and fear. As I went up for every attempt, the fear & nervousness subsided and it was go time.  The audience disappeared, the room went silent and it was just me and this barbell.


I didn’t go there to bring back a metal.  I didn’t go there to compete with all of the other women in that room.  I went there to prove to myself that I would do what I set out to do and accomplish the task at hand. And I did.


I urge you to take a look at a big goal of yours and ask yourself, why haven’t I moved the needle on this goal?  Adjust the expectations of what this goal will make you feel and what you expect of yourself with this. You will be a lot more inspired to start working on this and are more likely to keep your ego in check during the process.


-Coach Ro

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