Coach’s Blog: Work Hard Recover Harder

Being in CrossFit everybody knows how to work hard. Lifting a heavy weight, doing another push-up, getting another calorie on the bike while trying not to pass out are all things CrossFiters excel at on a regular basis. However, if you do not recover properly you’re not going to reach your full potential and here’s why.


Your body adapts and gets stronger when you exercise based on the general adaptation syndrome. General adaptive syndrome is broken down into different categories where your body is going through changes. The first stage is the fatigue phase. The fatigue phase is everytime you work out at the gym you’re going to be sore and out of breath, which is a normal feeling. During this stage you have exhausted your body to the point of it being weaker than when you first started.


The recovery is the stage 24 to 48 hours later where your body is trying to refuel your body. During this time it is very important to get enough rest for your body to recover.


The next stage is super compensation. During this stage you are stronger than when you first exercise. This means you will be able to move faster harder and lift heavier weights. In order to get to the super compensation phase where you are stronger and faster, you must let your body recover, which can either be done through resting or using different muscle groups. If you do not let your body recover during the recovery phase, you will continuously start to slow down and be more fatigued during the day.

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