OCF Movement Academy: Squats You Need to Know

The Squat.  The staple movement for lower body pushing.  Unless you have an injury, we definitely think that some form of squatting should be a part of your training program.  With so many options out there we wanted to give you the squats you should know and in order from simplest to the most complex  Before we get into that lets talk stance. We believe that everyone is built different, has different left to right symmetry, as well as different mobility restrictions and ranges of motion. In a perfect world, we would all squat toes straight, knees track over toes,

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OCF Movement Academy: Power Clean Prep

The Good Ol’ Power Clean  This is personaly my favorite olymplic lift inside the sport of fitness. Great for strength and power development on the weightlifting side as well as one of the best movements to cycle, and get your heart rate up in a met con.  The next time you have a power clean in your strength, metcon, or just want to have a good skill session try this prep to not only warm up the body, but also to reinforce proper positions.  Perform 3-5 reps per movement, ensure you are hitting each point of performance for the movement. 

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OCF Movement Academy: Power Jerk Prep

The Power Jerk is my personal favorite jerk for a couple of reasons It helps develop a straight drop under the barbell.  Unlike the split jerk, the power jerk is unforgiving.  The better you are at power jerking the better all jerks are.  It’s more transferable to CrossFit and the sport of fitness.  The inefficiency in foot movement for the split jerk slows you down too much, makes you work harder than you have to complete reps. There are some downsides to the Power Jerk though  Because it’s not as forgiving as the split jerk, the power jerk can require

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