Development of a CrossFit Athlete

Your CrossFit journey is much like growth as a human.   There are key parts of each stage. Each stage has its owns up and downs, wins and challenges.   Here is how I see it:   Intro Session – Birth You drive down this street of industrial buildings, not sure if you are going to walk out of the place once you walk in.  You walk in, see people of all ages and sizes focused on their training and one of two thoughts pop in your head, 1. “I am not in good enough shape to be here, or

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Out of the Sadness

For most of my life from the age of 12 or so I have battled some sort of demon. Whether it was sadness or anxiety and even downright panic. At times all those things all at once. I often joke that I don’t have feelings because to be honest I do not allow myself to show any other feeling besides jest and annoyance, and that’s the Susie most people see at the gym day to day. If I show my “real” feelings i’ll feel totally exposed or judged and maybe even pitied. I loathe pity. So it’s just easier to

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Competition: You vs. You

Approaching that barbell every attempt, and coming off of the adrenaline that was running through my veins…I had an epiphany about where I was. I am here to compete against myself and do what I can do to the BEST of MY ability.   For a couple of years now I had wanted to do a Weightlifting Competition and had all the limiting beliefs of “not good enough”, “not ready”, “not worthy”.  This fear of failure prevented me from accomplishing this goal.   As I committed to doing what I could to “get ready” for this over the last 10

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