Coach’s Blog: Work Hard Recover Harder

Being in CrossFit everybody knows how to work hard. Lifting a heavy weight, doing another push-up, getting another calorie on the bike while trying not to pass out are all things CrossFiters excel at on a regular basis. However, if you do not recover properly you’re not going to reach your full potential and here’s why.   Your body adapts and gets stronger when you exercise based on the general adaptation syndrome. General adaptive syndrome is broken down into different categories where your body is going through changes. The first stage is the fatigue phase. The fatigue phase is everytime

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Fitness on the Go

As the summer approaches it is pretty normal to skip workouts or going to the gym because of vacations and other important events such as birthdays, graduations and pretty much about anything fun we can do with the few months of warm weather that we get.     I totally understand! That is why I wanted to share some workouts you can do when you travel or for when you are not able to come to the gym.      Have fun this summer and enjoy! Travel Workouts   In your hotel room or with no equipment:   1)EMOMs Every

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Why do you wake up?

The question I am asked most frequently by friends and coworkers is “how do you get up so early to work out?” Although this is a simple question on the surface that could easily be answered with “an alarm,” the underlying question is why do you wake up every morning at 3:15. Take a minute and think about the way you wake up. I am willing to bet the majority of us set our alarm clock for a particular time that is dependent on our first task of the day. Now think, do you set multiple alarms? Do you allot

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