OCF Movement Academy: Kettlebell

So you’re pressed for time.  Don’t have access to all the fancy equipment.  Shoot, right now, you aren’t even part of a gym.  All reasons I hear for not incorporating movement into your daily routine at least 30 minutes a day.  Well, I have news for you, you don’t need any of those. In fact, all you need is one piece of equipment to knock all those excuses out and get moving, the kettlebell.    The kettlebell is a convenient piece of equipment that can be easily transported, doesn’t take long to set up or start a workout, and is versatile. 

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OCF Movement Academy: Booty Gains

Focusing on your glutes and strengthening them has become the ‘popular’ thing in fitness as of the past few years. There seems to be an oversaturation of exercises you can do to build and grow a butt. On so many social media sites it is very easy to find many a person showing off their favorite glute movement. Why grow a butt though?   The main reason seems to be the aesthetics for most people, afterall we workout to look good 🙂 But besides having aesthetic benefits building your booty overall  (perkiness, density, and musculature) exercising your behind makes you stronger,

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OCF Movement Academy: Power Snatch Prep

The Power Snatch  Great for strength and power development on the weightlifting side as well as one of the best movements to cycle, and get your heart rate up in a met con.  Who doesn’t love Isabel ? 😉  The next time you have a power snatch in your strength, metcon, or just want to have a good skill session try this prep to not only warm up the body, but also to reinforce proper positions.  Perform 3-5 reps per movement, ensure you are hitting each point of performance for the movement.  Movement #1 – Behind Neck Snatch Grip Push

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