OCF Movement Academy: Single Leg Movements You Should Be Doing

The squat and the deadlift are no doubt the king and queen of leg development.    But that’s not all we can do to develop our lower legs.   If you are like most us mortals you may have one leg you favor versus the other.    Can you fix that by squatting and deadlifting more?    No Way!   Do You Walk?    Do You Run?    Did you know those are single-leg movements?    For overall balance, development, and an injury-free body single-leg movements can paramount for your success.    So which ones should you be performing?   

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OCF Movement Academy: Improve Your Deadlifts

Performing a proper deadlift can be tricky at the start of your exercise career.    You may not know how to perform it properly.   You may even have been taught improperly.   Does your back hurt when you deadlift?    The goal of the deadlift is to create and keep tension on the posterior (backside) of your body.    Want to see how easy it is for tension to leave your backside?    Try this    Stand up superman + Instagram + press your ham and hold   Don’t know how to superman? Check out this article HERE  

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OCF Movement Academy: Hinges you need to Know

The Hinge is one of the most functional movements we do as humans. Don’t believe me?  Ever pick anything up from the ground?  Yep, that’s a hinge.  Next, to the squat, the hinge is one of the most important movements you can do with your lower body.  Although this movement is natural for us as humans, as we get older we have the tendency to not perform it as well. Ever hear of someone throwing out their back?  We sure have. Ever hear of someone throwing out their back picking up something light?  Yep, we’ve seen that as well. How

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