Day Zero

Your first day of CrossFit will be your day zero. This will vary from person to person. The funny thing is most people believe their first day that they are way more out of shape than they actually are or that most people start off at a higher level than them. What other people do or where they start off in their fitness journey is irrelevant. CrossFit is notorious to be available and possible for every type of fitness level. So that means no matter what your level is, everyone starts at day zero. You will only see progress from

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How I Broke the Habit and Made My Nutrition a Lifestyle

*This blog is dedicated to Violet, thank you for your suggestion. :)* I want to start off by saying I have not “broken” the habit of making unhealthy choices. For me this is something that I continue to struggle with. I grew up overweight most of my life.   Why share that? To help you realize that making a healthy lifestyle a habit takes time.   How can you expect to have a poor relationship with food for 25 years and then think that you can reverse it in anything shorter than 25 years? Not to mention the habit of

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Is your goal aligned to where you are now?

We’ve heard it before, “work smarter not harder”… but what does that mean?  What does that even look like?   Our experience, and that of our parents, has taught us the opposite of this saying.  We have been conditioned to feel accomplished only if we are going crazy with overwhelm, stress, and and feeling burnt out at the end of everyday.  Unfortunately for most of us, this results in being unproductive, unhappy, and unmotivated.   Chances are most of us have goals, or things we want to accomplish now, in the next week, month, even year(s).  And we have fallen

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