Life Upside Down

How many of you ignore doctor’s orders? Most people do not know about my medical condition but I have no problem with saying I have glaucoma. Glaucoma isn’t that serious (at least for the time being) for me personally. It is a condition where the eye pressure increases leading to a gradual loss of vision. In my case it is a hereditary disease. I do not have any symptoms or loss of eyesight as of yet. I’m still young by the disease standards so I don’t worry about it too much. Now why bring it up? Well I had been

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4 Reasons to Love Weightlifting

Weightlifting. There are a whole bunch of reasons to love weightlifting. Here is a short list of reasons why:   Number 1: Posture. Weightlifting builds phenomenal posture and your posterior chain parentheses backside of your body. Almost everybody slouches over now a days due to their hectic work schedule and constantly sitting. Moving weights against resistance in weightlifting allows your body to build a strong upper back and bullet proof legs. This not only makes you look good but it also makes you move better and feel better outside of weightlifting.   Number 2: Power and Explosiveness. It’s always fun

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Coach’s Blog: The Best Way to Ultimate Fitness

As many of you know, I am quite a fan of Strongman implements and movements due to the effect they have on the body.  There have been multiple studies that have shown the benefits of “odd objects” training and even the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, suggested that workouts should look like work.  Meaning the work of our ancestors did which included lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, and carrying. I will be focusing on the last one for the remainder of this article. Carrying objects is one of the abilities that differentiate us from animals.  The moment human beings were able

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