OCF Movement Academy: Deadlift Prep

Ain’t no party like a deadlift party, because a deadlift party don’t stop!  All seriousness deadlifting can be a lot of fun, it’s super functional, for most of us it’s our heaviest lift, and yet for some it can be intimidating due to not warming up properly and having sound mechanics.  You get to the gym and you see that it’s deadlift day.  Or you’re working on your own and you want to do some hinging of some sort (Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing, Rowing) First, get your body temperature up with some light bike or run for 2-3 minutes.

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OCF Movement Academy: Split Jerk Prep

The split jerk is one of the most and dynamic movements we do with a barbell.  Taking the barbell from shoulder to overhead is a shorter distance then the ground weightlifting movements (snatch and clean) that it takes precision and accuracy to pull off well.  So how does one warm up and prep for a split jerk?  Here’s how Movement #1 – Behind Neck Front Rack Mobility This is the only non rep-able movement in our series, so start off with 20-30 seconds for 1-2 sets. Stand with the barbell behind your neck, full grip on the bar, core and

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OCF Movement Academy: Squat Prep

So today you’re squatting.  You’ve broken a light sweat. You’ve done your mobility and your body is feeling loose. Now What?  Grab a bar and start knocking out some light squats?!? Better yet, skip the light barbell and throw some 45s on there and start squatting?!? Neither are recommended in this point of the workout.  Prepping your body to squat is what’s next. You want to send signals to your body that it’s not only time to squat, but squat WELL.  In comes in squat prep. This is the perfect thing to do after warmup and mobility prior to starting

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