Why do you wake up?

The question I am asked most frequently by friends and coworkers is “how do you get up so early to work out?” Although this is a simple question on the surface that could easily be answered with “an alarm,” the underlying question is why do you wake up every morning at 3:15. Take a minute and think about the way you wake up. I am willing to bet the majority of us set our alarm clock for a particular time that is dependent on our first task of the day. Now think, do you set multiple alarms? Do you allot

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Successful Training

I’ve have had this question asked to me quite a few times in my career. Like most tough questions, the answer is purely individual. Also, understanding the term “success” is a relative term and changes from day to day minute to minute, second to second and is essential for keeping your motivation. Top ways to feel successful about your training: Some days success may mean just showing up, and getting the workout in. We’ve all been there: tough day at work, fighting in a personal relationship, lack of sleep, not eating well etc… Getting to the gym, getting through the

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The Battle a the Kitchen Table

It’s the notorious battle between parents and kids. Parents want their kids to eat healthy, but kids resist. Sadly, sometimes these battles make eating and mealtime traumatic for parents and kids. If you have a picky eater, don’t assume they have the same taste as you (the parent). Your child may not like certain textures and flavors that you may like. Try to think about how much your pallet has changed and evolved as you’ve grown older. Be open-minded and ask your child what kinds of foods they enjoy and what foods gross them out. If you kids aren’t a

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